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Radius of gyration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Radius of gyration or gyradius is the name of several related measures of the size of an object, a surface, or an ensemble of points. It is calculated as the root .

Lecture 30: Radius of Gyration & Buckling
This is because it has an equal radius of gyration in all directions and it has the its area distributed as far away as possible from the centroid. The steel columns .

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WORKED EXAMPLE No.1. Show that the radius of gyration for a uniform rod of length L rotating about its end is. 0.577L from that end. SOLUTION. The rod has a .

Radius Of Gyration Formula
Radius Of Gyration Formula. . The Radius of Gyration kx of an Area (A) about an axis (x) is defined as: equ. (1). kx, equ. (2). Where Ix is the Moment of Inertia .

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Radius of Gyration of Charged Reptating Chains in Electric Fields
has a random-walk conformation for which i t is well known thatlo. (3) where h and R, are the end-to-end distance and radius of gyration of the molecule (or tube) .

Radius of gyration | Define Radius of gyration at
Radius of gyration definition at, a free online dictionary with . the direct effect that one kind of particle has on another in inducing the emission or .

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Kin 241a
Since the radius of gyration has a squared effect on the rotational inertia, a three fold increase in the radius of gyration will produce a nine fold increase in the .

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Small Angle X-ray Scattering of Dimeric Yeast Hexokinase in Solution*
The hexokinase dimer found in the BI crystal form has a radius of gyration of. 42 A calculated from the atomic coordinates. Thus, the measured radius of gyration .

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Light Scattering
also has a direct dependence on particle size. For polymer solutions, this dependence on size can be used to measure the radius of gyration of the polymer .

Moment of Inertia and Properties of Plane Areas Example Radius of ...
The radius of gyration of an area with respect to a particular axis is the . efficient column section to resist buckling is a circular pipe, because it has its area .

bowling ball physics
In reality the ball has a higher velocity when being released and a lower one when nearing . This is caused by one ball having a greater radius of gyration ( Rg).

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Radius of gyration - PyMOLWiki
Apr 1, 2011 . This script does calcualate the radius of gyration of a molecule. Thanks to Tsjerk Wassenaar for posting this script on the pymol-users mailing .

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radius of gyration calculations
The radius of gyration is a measure of the size of an object of arbitrary shape. It can be obtained . helix has a radius R and a height L so that -L/2 ? z ? L/2.

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A 3 kg sprocket wheel has a centroidal - Go to
May 11, 2000 . A 3 kg sprocket wheel has a centroidal radius of gyration of 70 mm ( k. 70 mm. ?. := ) and is suspended from a chain as shown. Determine the .

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Center of Gravity placement on a symmetrical bowling ball: How ...
percent. The only way to truly measure those numbers once a ball is made is to use a radius of gyration swing such as the one USBC has to test bowling balls.

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Mean square length and mean square radius of gyration of 1,4 ...
hand, the mean square radius of gyration has the not inconsiderable ad- vantage that it can be obtained experimentally from light scattering dissym- .

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On the Radius of Gyration of Stars.
H. N. Russell has suggested that the apsidal-motion constant might depend in a simple way on the radius of gyration of a star.3 One purpose of this paper is to .

GREPhysics.NET: GR9277 #61
2009-08-15 19:41:19, Alright, so the original answer has the radii of gyration off by a common factor, so the ratio stays the same. Are we really .

Jul 2, 2011 . 3.1 Example 3.1 A 30 kg flywheel, revolving at 5.24 rad/s has a radius of gyration of one meter. Calculate the torque which must be applied to .

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Precession of a spinning projectile, other dynamics problems
"The 60-lb projectile shown has a radius of gyration of 2.4in. about its axis of symmetry Gx and radius of gyration of 10in. about the transverse .

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The radius of gyration of native and reductively methylated myosin ...
This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. . The S1 crystal structure predicts a radius of gyration close to that measured here by neutron scattering.

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Percolation and cluster structure parameters: The radius of gyration
Percolation and cluster structure parameters: The radius of gyration. This article has been downloaded from IOPscience. Please scroll down to see the full text .

chain molecules is the mean-square radius of gyration. With the development of technique, the mean-square radius of gyration has already readily been .

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Dispersion in the radii of gyration of diffusion-limited aggregates
squared radius of gyration. (q) of the n cluster has changed by a value u, upon acquiring the next particle. If we assume that only small fluctuations in the quantity .

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Quantitative Determination of the Radius of Gyration of Poly(methy1 ...
square radius of gyration of a guest polymer dispersed in a polymer host matrix. . inf~rmative,~ and although it has the advantage of pro- viding a direct probe of .

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Radius of Gyration of Polystyrene Combs and Centipedes in a Ο ...
It has been accepted for inclusion in US Department of Energy Publications by . ABSTRACT: The molecular weight dependence of the radii of gyration Rg in a .

Definition of linear (unbranched) polymer properties and length
Key length scales and definitions for DNA include the diameter, contour length, persistence length, end-to-end length, and radius of gyration. dsDNA has a .

Radius of Gyration of Polymer Chains. II. Segment Density and ...
. mass is evaluated for chains constrained to have a large specified radius of gyration R. . The effect of the extent of configuration interaction has been studied .


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Radius of gyration is indicator of compactness of protein structure ...
Statistical analysis of radii of gyration for 3769 protein structures from four . has its own class-specific radius of gyration, which determines compactness of .

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Radius of Gyration | RosettaCommons
Does anyone know how to get Rosetta3.0 to output the radius of gyration? . with a custom scorefunction which has one (only one) of the RG terms turned on.


Impulse And Momentum Homework Help | Radius Of Gyration ...
Radius Of Gyration. Suppose a body of mass M has moment of inertia I about an axis. The radius of gyration, k, of the body about that axis is defined as. I = Mk2 .

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Plane kinetics 6 Transparency 1
PR 6/88: The circular disk of 200-mm radius has a mass of 25kg with centroidal radius of gyration k = 175mm and has a concentric circular groove of 75-mm .

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Calculation of the mean-square radius of gyration for polymer chains ...
Therefore, it is particularly important to estimate the mean-square radius of gyration ($2). The calculation for ($2), however, has been confined to taking account .

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Characterization of cellulose by SEC-MALLS
radius of gyration, RG, of cellulose in 0.5% LiCl/DMAc depended on the molecular weight, M, . analysis of the cellulose derivative has been used (see .

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EGR 280 Mechanics Problem Set 1
If the reel has a weight of 250 lb and a radius of gyration kA = 0.8 ft, . 18.2 The drum has a mass of 70 kg, a radius of 300 mm and radius of gyration kO = 125 .

Mean-Square Radius of Gyration of Isotactic Oligo- and Poly(methy1 ...
this purpose, we may use the equation which has been derived for a continuous chain having a uniform circular cross section with S, being the radius of gyration .

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Q & A: Radius of gyration and second moments of area | Department ...
What are the pratical applications of the radius of gyration and the second moments . of an object (how fast it's spinning) to how much angular momentum it has.

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Oct 2, 2003 . A thin-walled pipe of wall thickness t and diameter d has a radius of gyration of about d/2?2. Of course, the wall must be thick enough to resist .

gyration and maximum length of anti-poly(D-alanyl) antibodies
of rabbit IgG antibodies and their derivatives has been inves- tigated. The reduction and . x-ray scattering, that the radius of gyration and the volume of .

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Accelrys Community: How to calculate radius of gyration for...
Sep 6, 2010 . I know DS can calculate radius of gyration for the entire protein molecule, . If anyone has any ideas how to make this calculation possible for a .

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moment of inertia: Definition from
See also Centroids (mathematics); Product of inertia; Radius of gyration. . The further out the object's mass is, the more rotational inertia the object has, and the .

Golf club head with increased radius of gyration and face ...
Apr 12, 1994 . The increase in radius of gyration is accomplished by extending the heel . Such a clubhead configuration has been found over the last two .

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Class Problems
The spool has a mass of 60 kg and a radius of gyration ko = 0.65 m. For the . The 50-Ib wheel has a radius of gyration about its center of gravity G of kG = 0.7 ft .

Radius of Gyration of Stiff Chain Molecules as a Function of the ...
Together with A2 the mean-square-radius of gyration was calculated. In the averaging r2 of any random conformation has to be multiplied with Fl(i) as a weight .

Radius of Gyration -- from Wolfram MathWorld
Radius of Gyration . Weisstein, Eric W. "Radius of Gyration." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource. .

13.14.2 The radius of gyration of a volume. 13.14.3 Exercises . axis, l, which is parallel to the first axis and has a perpendicular distance of d from the first axis. g .

Define the radius of gyration of a rigid body. . Also, given the radius of gyration, determine the mo- ment of . A point mass moving along a circular path has an .

CiteULike: Radius of gyration as an indicator of protein structure ...
Aug 1, 2008 . Statistical analysis of the radius of gyration for 3769 protein domains of four major classes (α, β, α/β, and α + β) showed that each class has a .

Radii of Gyration and Scattering Curves of Hollow Bodies of ...
regular polygonal prism has been performed. The dimensions of the bodies are shown in Fig. 2. 3. Radii ofgyration. The generalized form of the radii of gyration .

New SACS 5.1 SP3 Features for StruCAD*3D Compatibility
Structural Joint Weight Data. The user has the option to input the weight density, global direction factors and even the radius of gyration for the mass moment of .

Physics Homework Help: Rotational Motion
A monocycle traveling at 4 m/s has a 60 cm. diameter wheel with a mass of 4.0 kg and a gyration radius, k=50 cm. What is the rotational kinetic energy of the .

AccessScience | Encyclopedia Article | Radius of gyration
If this quantity is equal to the actual moment of inertia I about the rotation axis, then k is the radius of gyration given by k = ?I/M. The quantity k has dimensions of .

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Binary Mixture Film of Perfluoropolyether Lubricants
mainly affects the film thickness of single layer lubricant, ZTMD has lesser film thickness amongst the single component lubricants. The radius of gyration for both .

Farm structures ... - Ch4 Structural design: Columns
(Where the end conditions are the same, it is sufficient to check for buckling in the direction which has the least radius of gyration). Find the effective length for .

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Effect of Cleaving Interchain Disulfide Bridges on the Radius of ...
of rabbit IgG antibodies and their derivatives has been inves- tigated. . of small- angle x-ray scattering, that the radius of gyration and the volume of .

ME 104: Homework 10
A 2.5-lb disk of radius 4 in. is attached to the yoke BCD by means of short shafts fitted in bearings at B and D. The 1.5-lb yoke has a radius of gyration of 3 in.

SAXS on invertebrate dioxygen carriers
The validity of the procedure has been tested on arthropod hemocyanin: the radii of gyration deduced from SAXS spectra agree with those calculated from the .

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Study of the conformational rigidity of polyelectrolytes by elastic ...
The second part of Figure 2 also shows that, in the concen- tration range where the sample has a 'polyelectrolyte' beha- viour, the radius of gyration has a linear .