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Ecstasy | The Partnership at
The stimulant effects of the drug enable users to dance for extended periods, which . There already is research suggesting Ecstasy use can disrupt or interfere .

MDMA (Ecstasy) Fast Facts
More than 10 percent of high school seniors have tried MDMA at least once, and more than 2 percent have used the drug in .

MDMA (Ecstasy) | InfoFacts | National Institute on Drug Abuse
MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is a synthetic, psychoactive drug that is chemically similar to the stimulant methamphetamine and the .

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NIDA for Teens: Facts on Drugs - Ecstasy
For example, past-year use of MDMA increased among 10th graders from 3.7 percent in 2009 to 4.7 percent in 2010.

MDMA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MDMA is one of the most widely used recreational drugs in the world and is taken in a variety of contexts far removed from its roots in psychotherapeutic settings.

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While not all “event” attendees use Ecstasy, the drug often makes the circuit of these parties and can set up dangerous circumstances that can affect everyone .

MDMA Information from
MDMA was first synthesized by a German company in 1912, possibly to be used as an appetite suppressant. MDMA has been available as a street drug since .

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What You Need to Know About Drugs: Ecstasy
Users think the drug will make them feel good and enable them to keep going for days without rest. But people who use Ecstasy don't realize how dangerous .

How are international orders shipped? Ecstasy Facts, Information and Home Test Kits is brought to you by and is intended to provide basic information that you can use to make informed decisions about important . Ecstasy is an illegal drug that acts as both a stimulant and psychedelic, .

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Ecstasy - Basic Facts About Ecstasy (MDMA)
Ecstasy or MDMA is a synthetic, psychoactive (mind-altering) drug with . It was originally developed as a diet aid, but was also used experimentally during .

Ecstasy ( XTC ) drug info
Chemically, it is an analogue of MDA, a drug that was popular in the 1960s. In the late 1970s, MDMA was used to facilitate psychotherapy by a small group of .

MDMA Toxicity
Jan 16, 2012 . Before MDMA became a Schedule I drug, some therapists used MDMA as an experimental therapeutic aid in marriage counseling and .

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Adverse Psychological Effects of Ecstasy use and Their Treatment
The 1990s has seen the widespread use of ecstasy as a recreational drug, resulting in increasing reports of an apparent association between ecstasy use and a .

Ecstasy (MDMA) - Parents. The Anti-Drug.
Recent research findings also link MDMA use to long-term damage to those parts of the brain critical to thought and memory. It is believed that the drug causes .

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Article : Ecstasy in the UK: recreational drug use and ... - Erowid
Ecstasy in the U.K.: Recreational Drug Use and Cultural Change, by Peter McDermott & Alan Matthews.

Ecstasy may be used to help rape victims | Society | The Guardian
Nov 24, 2003 . Scientists in America are set to begin a controversial study to see if the dancefloor drug ecstasy could be used as a medicine to help people .

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DanceSafe.Org: Drug Information and Harm Reduction Resources ...
Mar 13, 2010 . Hard drugs vs soft drugs? Cartographie Psychedelica: . Careers in ecstasy use: do ecstasy users cease of their own accord? Implications for .

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Ecstasy (MDMA) -
By 2004, however, ecstasy use had spread beyond the party scene. According to the Office of National Drug Control .

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Ecstasy Information from
Some of these effects may be due to the use of other drugs in combination with Ecstasy, among other factors. Research indicates heavy Ecstasy may cause .

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Neuroscience For Kids - MDMA (Ecstasy)
MDMA was first synthesized and patented in 1914 by the German drug company called Merck. Scientists thought that this drug could be used as an appetite .

Questions About Drugs: Ecstasy
Frequently Asked Questions About Drugs. Questions About Ecstasy - MDMA. What is Ecstasy and where did it come from? How is Ecstasy used? What are the .

Club Drugs
Trends in drug use: The rave phenomenon in the United States has increased the use of several popular drugs. In a recent study of ecstasy (a popular club drug ) .

What Are Digital Credits?

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment - California Drug Rehab Center
Sep 20, 2011 . Ecstasy is potentially fatal every time it is used and is extremely dangerous if mixed with other drugs or alcohol. Ecstasy is a street name for .

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Soul Medicine: Ecstasy (MDMA) as Therapy
Dec 23, 2009 . There is no physical craving for MDMA; it is not an addictive substance. MDMA should not be used by anyone with cardiac problems, or with a .

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What are the effects of the drug Ecstasy? : Scientific American
Jul 5, 2001 . Ecstasy is a commonly used name for the chemical substance . MDMA and use a wide variety of drug combinations, some of which are more .

Ecstasy | CESAR
Ecstasy is most often available in tablet form and is usually ingested orally, although some users have reported taking it anally .

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Ecstasy Effects - The Good Drugs Guide
Not everyone who tries Ecstasy has a good experience. Some people who use it feel anxious, depressed or even paranoid after using the drug. Other users .

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Emergency department visits related to “Ecstasy” use increased ...
Mar 24, 2011 . The variety and severity of adverse reactions associated with Ecstasy use can increase when the drug is used in combination with other .

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Why MDMA Should Not Have Been Made Illegal
[12] Judge Young himself calls the DEA refusal to accept the medical use of Schedule I drugs disingenuous, arbitrary, and capricious. MDMA's emergency .

Could the ecstasy drug be used to treat cancer? | Health | The Earth ...
Aug 19, 2011 . Scientists at the University of Birmingham believe that a modified version of the ' dance' drug, ecstasy, could be effective at treating blood .

The Invention of MDMA - Ecstasy
On July 1st 1985, this right was used for the first time to ban MDMA. A hearing was held to decide what permanent measures should be taken against the drug.


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Does recreational ecstasy use cause long-term cognitive problems?
The recreational drug ecstasy, also known as “XTC” or“E,” Adam, Clarity, or Essence, is widely used by young people throughout the United States and Western .

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Ecstasy drug produces lasting toxicity in the brain | Research News ...
Dec 6, 2011 . Recreational use of the "rave" drug Ecstasy is associated with chronic changes in the human brain (iStock). Recreational use of Ecstasy—the .


Long-Term Ecstasy Use May Damage the Brain
Apr 7, 2011 . The researchers write that the young men in the ecstasy group had not used the drug, on average, for more than two months before the study .

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Ecstasy and social drug use - WikiHealth
That word is almost as long as the all-night dance club "raves" or "trances" where ecstasy is often used. That's why ecstasy is called a "club drug." MDMA is .

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Ecstasy - Drug Prevention & Alcohol Facts - DrugInfo
Feb 4, 2011 . Effects of ecstasy Tolerance and dependence Getting help Ecstasy use in . Use of any drug always carries some risk—even medications can .

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Campuses and the Club Drug Ecstasy
Although alcohol is the drug that college students use most frequently and in greatest quantity, the designer drug ecstasy has generated both curiosity .

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Ecstasy addiction: side effects & signs of ecstasy use & abuse ...
Clear Haven residential alcohol and drug rehab center - Drug abuse - Ecstasy addiction - side effects and signs of Ecstasy use & abuse.

Effects of MDMA on the human body - Wikipedia, the free ...
Treatment is most effective the sooner it is given, as with all adverse drug reactions. Hyperthermia is a particular concern if MDMA use is combined with other .

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Heads Up | Drug Facts: Ecstasy
How many teens use ecstasy? According to a 2001 NIDA-funded study, 5.2% of 8th-graders had tried ecstasy; 8% of 10th-graders had tried the drug; and 11.7% .

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Drug Addiction - Ecstasy Teen Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment
Ecstasy drug addiction is too often a fatal trip. Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment center listed here in an easy to use directory.

Ecstasy | Brown University Health Education
The use of Ecstasy and other club drugs can also lead to unsafe sex, the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and unwanted pregnancy.,_tobacco,_&_other_drugs/ecstasy.php

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Ecstasy Effects | Information on Ecstasy,Club Drugs,Pills and MDMA
Ecstasy drugs often brings up images of clubs, raves, and touchy-feely young . In three studied grade levels, 8th, 10th and 12th, ecstasy use has risen over the .

Well, how DO bands end up on the label? Ecstasy Statistics
In recent years in the US, the greatly increasing rate of MDMA use has made deaths a somewhat regular occurrence. Listening to the government 'drug experts' .

Urban Dictionary: mdma
Was used in medicine untill the US goverment overuled the courts judgment that MDMA was safe enough when used responsibly. "Oh my god, last night I had .

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Drugs and Human Performance FACT SHEETS ...
Most common pattern of use is binge consumption at all night rave or dance parties. MDMA is frequently taken with other recreational drugs such as ethanol, .

Doctors use ecstasy to treat PTSD | SmartPlanet
Sep 30, 2011 . While it's known for being a club drug, ecstasy could be used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ecstasy floods the brain with serotonin .

Date Rape Drugs: XTC, Rohypnol, Ketamine // OADE // University of ...
Combining MDMA with Rohypnol can lead to heart failure, coma, and death. Even in healthy young individuals, combined use of these drugs has caused coma .

Is Ecstasy Hidden In Your Favorite Candy? | Informative Treatment ...
MDMA is also known as a club drug, drugs which are commonly used at bars, dance clubs and all-night raves. Approximately 20 to 40 minutes after taking .

Ecstasy | Ecstasy Addiction and Abuse ... - Narconon Drug Rehab
Recent research findings also link MDMA use to long-term damage to those parts of the brain critical to thought and memory. It is thought that the drug causes . » EDC Rave Spurs MDMA Drug Use Among UCF ...
May 31, 2011 . EDC Rave Spurs MDMA Drug Use Among UCF Students . While many admitted they used it off the record, none agreed to have their name .

Ecstasy 'could be used in cancer treatment' - Telegraph
Aug 19, 2011 . Researchers from Birmingham University claimed the designer drug, also known as MDMA, could be used to treat leukaemia, lymphoma and .

Club Drugs: MDMA, Gamama-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Rohypnol ...
Jun 1, 2004 . The most widely used club drugs are 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine ( MDMA), also known as ecstasy; gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB); .

Ecstasy as Therapy: Have Some of its Negative Effects Been ...
Feb 18, 2011 . Although ecstasy (MDMA) — a drug best known for enhancing . the journal Addiction, found that regular ecstasy use was not associated with .

Illicit drug use during pregnancy | Pregnancy | March of Dimes
Nearly 4 percent of pregnant women in the United States use illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and other amphetamines, and heroin (1).

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Most of the users of these club drugs are not the usual drug addicts but some do move on to physical dependency. The commonly used club drugs are Ecstacy, .

Study: Teen Ecstasy Use Rising Fast - ABC News
"Teen drug use is down and holding steady, but Ecstasy use is going up steadily. " A synthetic stimulant that comes in a pill, Ecstasy used to be the province of .

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Ecstasy side effects, risk and danger by Ray Sahelian, M.D. 5 htp ...
ecstasy use with 5-htp, vitamins, supplements. . Adding MDMA - otherwise known as the party drug ecstasy - to talk therapy may help patients cope with .

Ecstasy History
Only a few experimental therapists researched and tested the drug (between 1977 to 1985) for use during psychotherapy sessions. In 1985, MDMA/Ecstasy .

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Ecstasy Addiction Center Alternative - Ecstasy Addiction Treatment ...
The 1990's brought an explosion of Ecstasy use. Ecstasy became a "club drug" favorite and began a new trend in drug use, the designer drug. Ecstasy and the .