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Parameter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is not an argument of the function, and will, for instance, be a constant when . y = ax2, one typically visualizes a range of values of x, but only one value of a. . substitution have to distinguish between free variables and bound variables.

Anthropic principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The observed values of the dimensionless physical constants (such as the . of physicists for a theory of everything having no free parameters: as Einstein said, . the number of planets in it allows for a higher bound, so that there is no need to . one can calculate the prior probability P(X0) dX that X is in the range X0 < X .

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Section5:Binding Parameters - Assay Guidance Wiki
Jun 20, 2009 . The determination of the equilibrium dissociation constant for the radioligand . The range of radioligand concentrations tested in a saturation binding . Added - Total Bound; Convert free DPM to concentration units (i.e. nM) using the . The kobs value is returned as one of the resulting curve fit parameters.

Case 2: inline expression using TMath functions without parameters . void, TObject::AbstractMethod(const char* method) const . and xmax define the plotting range of the function npar is the number of free parameters used by the . By default TF1::Integral uses the original function value to compute the integral However, .

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Type checking errors - Free Pascal
To allow changing the value, pass the parameter by value, or a parameter by . Explicitly typecast the constant to the correct range to avoid this problem. . in their value range (this includes enumerations whose lower bound is different from .

Find minimum of constrained nonlinear multivariable function ...
x = fmincon(fun,x0,A,b,Aeq,beq,lb,ub) defines a set of lower and upper bounds on the design variables in x, so that the solution is always in the range lb ? x .

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Writing HLSL Shaders in Direct3D 9
Sep 6, 2011 . The application is free to change these states without requiring the regeneration of the currently bound shader. . Color values input to the pixel shader are assumed to be . correct manner, and are clamped to the 0 to 1 range during iteration. . The uniform function parameters appear in the constant table .

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Must be 1, 2, 3, or 4, or one of the following symbolic constants: GL_ALPHA . If a non-zero named buffer object is bound to the GL_PIXEL_UNPACK_BUFFER target (see . added to the signed bias GL_c_BIAS , and clamped to the range [0, 1] (see . page for a description of the acceptable values for the type parameter.

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The GraphPad Guide to Analyzing Radioligand Binding Data
All receptors are either free or bound to ligand. . the data without attributing rigorous thermodynamic meaning to the Kd values and rate constants. . The dotted curves in the two panels represent the same range of radioligand concentrations.

Parameters. pname. Specifies the parameter value to be returned. The symbolic constants in the list below are accepted. params. Returns the value or values of .

WinBUGS User Manual
parameters or observables, we wish to sample values of the unknown . A slice- sampling algorithm is used for non log-concave densities on a restricted range.

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Abstract—We present free—bound Biberman factors (12000, 13500 and 14500 K ) for . a pressure range of 2-6 >< 105 Pa and a current range of 20-60 A. The . The values of the constants C, and C2 have been adopted from Cabannes and Chapelle. . these two parameters, one can deduce the Biberman factors without .

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LP file format
To define variables as free: "free" var [","] var [","] var . . The constants will be added to one constant value: min: 2 + x1 + 3 + x2 + 4; x1 >= 1; . Note that for bounds on variables, you should not put labels before them. . They are called ranges.

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parameter: Definition from
A constant in an equation that varies in other equations of the same general . for example, a file name, a coordinate, a range of values, a money amount or a . substitution have to distinguish between free variables and bound variables.

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Krauss, WMAP Age Measurement and Cosmology
A precise value of this lower bound would require a global analysis of the WMAP parameter constraints. . parameter ranges and correlations, one derives a lower bound of w > -1.22. . 2 are not unreasonable, and in a cosmological constant – . It is important to realize, however, that one is not free to independently vary ? .

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FORTRAN pitfalls
In other words, changing the value of a dummy argument inside a procedure changes the . FORTRAN constants are declared with the PARAMETER statement, . The memory protection mechanism discovers out of bound references only . is free to evaluate the last condition even if the range-checking conditions were .

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And so, C is proportional to r, in other words C/r is a constant. . So, when they say that the Great Pyramid exhibits the value pi, to many decimal places, a person should be skeptical. . Indiana, "free of charge"), and introduced by Representative Taylor I. Record. . That would give an upper and lower bound on the answer.

SML/NJ Error Messages
In this case, the value has some other, inappropriate type. . an formal parameter pattern is not supplied on the left hand side in a fun declaration, . [67] real constant out of range: %: A real literal must have an exponent in the proper . The result of applying F to an argument cannot, therefore, be bound to a structure name.

Optimize Options - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
The -finline-limit= n option sets some of these parameters as follows: . -free: Attempt to remove redundant extension instructions. . This is similar to the constant propagation pass, but instead of values, ranges of values are propagated. . remove unnecessary range checks like array bound checks and null pointer checks.

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Roger Myerson | Simtools and Formlist add-ins for Excel
. and may be freely redistributed to students and faculty in an academic institution. . When the first parameter is a RAND, BETINV yields a bounded random variable. . A generalized-lognormal random variable is a constant plus or minus a . PRODS(values) multiplies each pair of values in the given range and returns the .

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(1) The effects of bound water
Jan 12, 2012 . porosity, had higher dielectric constant value than soils with low BD and high porosity. Key words: Clay . moisture range where the ratio of bound water to free water is high. . Soil electromagnetic parameters as functions of .

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including topics such as initial values and bounds, simplification of expressions, . A free variable exceeds the allowable range. Current value is 4.20E+07 and . can be applied to expressions that only involve constants such as parameters, .

Review of Modern Physics
As the range of wavelength is compressed to a single value, the wave . where h is Planck's constant, n is the frequency of the light, c is the speed of light in . Electrons with positive energy are not bound to the proton and behave as free electrons. . Parameters are V0 = 0.3 eV, m/m0 = 0.67 and Lx = 15 nm. click here for .

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Dielectric Determination of Bound Water of Bone
Curves of E' and E" vs h are found to alter sharply at a particular value of the hydra- . depending on whether it is in the free or bound compartment, the property chosen for study was the complex dielectric constant E. . The humidities maintained by the saturated salt solutions (range 12? . water content as a parameter.

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2. Built-in Functions — Python v2.7.2 documentation
The bytearray type is a mutable sequence of integers in the range 0 <= x < 256 . The optional source parameter can be used to initialize the array in a few . integer) which is guaranteed to be unique and constant for this object during its lifetime . may not affect the values of local and free variables used by the interpreter.

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THYROID FUNCTION TESTS: Assay of Thyroid Hormones and ...
Total (free + protein-bound) concentrations of the thyroid hormones (TT4 and TT3 ) . Median and 95 percentile range values for nonpregnant (NP) versus the first, . a new parameter functional sensitivity (FS) became adopted (6,16). . or a constant L-T4 dose) should prompt an investigation for recurrence (25,26).

Morse potential - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The force constant of the bond can be found by Taylor expansion of V(r) . of the potential energy function, from which it can be shown that the parameter, a, is . can be rewritten any number of ways by adding or subtracting a constant value. . It clearly shows that the Morse potential is the combination of a short-range .


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Important Water Quality Factors
For example, chlorine is an important parameter in finished drinking water, but is not . (keeps the pH fairly constant) and makes water less vulnerable to acid rain. . Some recommended alkalinity values . It's lucky for fish that "free" carbon dioxide (by "free" we mean it is not . 4.7, Mosquito larva lived within this range. 7.5 .

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Simply Scala
This allows you to write multi-line code and freely edit the code. . If you want the end range value not to be included the until version should be used. . Type annotation is added after the parameter name and preceded by a colon. . In which case the constant value is matched directly with the instances field value.


. natural motions is much higher than the range of Larmor frequencies used clinically. . The difference in T1 values between brain parenchyma (shorter T1) and CSF (longer . T1 recovery occurs exponentially with first order time constant T1 . Water bound to protein in hydration (boundary) layers has molecular motions .

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proc(5) - Linux manual page
Dec 3, 2010 . The kernel stores nice values as numbers in the range 0 (high) to 39 (low), . Decode using the SCHED_* constants in linux/sched.h. delayacct_blkio_ticks % llu (since . It is used by free(1) to report the amount of free and used memory . "St" is the internal state of the socket and Path is the bound path (if .

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C/C++ Interface For SQLite Version 3
Note: Constants marked with "(exp)" are experimental and constants marked with . may use values between 0 and this upper bound as its "offset" argument. . method. sqlite3_free() is used to free idxPtr if and only if needToFreeIdxPtr is true. . If the value N is out of range or if the N-th parameter is nameless, then NULL .

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NOMENCLATURE. A. B = constants. C° = concentration of solute in the bound state (so- lute-hurnate complex). C" = concentration of solute in the free state .

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Converting Code from VBA to Visual Basic .NET
When the code needs to be tightly bound to the document; for example, when the code needs . NET, parameters are passed by value by default. . in Word VBA, you specify the FindWrap value of the Selection or Range using a wd constant.

Microwave Dielectric Spectroscopy for Bound Water in Saline Soil
Abstract - In this paper, the Debye spectroscopic parameters for the bound water in . complex dielectric constant of bound water in bentonite saline soil was obtained as a . in this range, its impact on the value of soil permittivity and the dielectric . the range of free water moistures, that is, W >Wt. Therefore, a nonlinear .

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Optical Properties of Ag and Cu
Experimental data for the optical constants of Ag and Cu extending to 25 eV . izing the free~e1ectron behavior over the entire energy range below the . values are m,,,==1.03:l:0.06 for Ag and 1.42:l;0.05 for Cu. . conduction electrons are part of the bound-electron . able parameters since T. can be neglected over the .

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Homologous competitive binding curves
An alternative is to keep the radioligand concentration constant, and . In other words, the method assumes that free concentration of hot (and cold) equals the . This means that you'll see the same IC50 with a large range of Kd values. . If you have too few cpm bound or if more than 10% of the added radioactivity binds to .

Estimation of the Association Constant of the Estrogen-Receptor ...
Excess free estradiol was separated from bound estradiol by charcoal adsorption . Three parameters were used to describe the binding: the ratio of bound tritiated estradiol to total . value was above that range. The results in Table 1confirm .

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Windows Sockets
It may be freely redistributed, either as provided or in modified form. . Socket handles may take any value in the range 0 to INVALID_SOCKET-1. . Instead, an application should use the manifest constant INVALID_SOCKET as defined in . It is used on a bound and/or connected socket specified by the s parameter.

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Competition BIAcore for Measuring True Affinities: Large Differences ...
the relative values of the binding constants corre- . buffer and the loss of bound analyte from the sensor is . ancies with values obtained in solution. . to free SH groups in reduced and denatured transferrin . in a useful range for determining kinetic constants, . slope r0 Å kassrCrRmax as parameters by numerical fit- .

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Data: Uncertainty, Error, and Confidence
As seen in Table 1, an average specific activity value (10.99) is provided at . Libby knew that there was bound to be statistical error in these measurements and . that the production rate for 14C in the atmosphere was constant over time, but it is not. . The standard deviation provides a measure of the range of variability of .

Infrared Radiation from an Arc Plasma and Its Application to Plasma ...
near infrared frequency range, and the temperature dependence of the spectra! . and the power due to the free-bound transition for hydrogenlike ions is(''' . space, m is mass of electron, c is velocity of light, k is Bolzmann's constant, . is the averaged impact parameter for a 90Â deflection, and 7 is Euler's . Values of A(A) .

Basics of Space Flight: Orbital Mechanics
where G is an universal constant, called the constant of gravitation, and has the . In the simple case of free fall, a particle accelerates toward the center of the Earth . (Rp/r1) and that 2GM /(r1 × v12) is a nondimensional parameter of the orbit. . temperature approaches a limiting value, the average value of which ranges .

Pascal to C/C++ converter
Low value of Pascal array bounds is subtracted from index expression. . value of low bound (if it is explicit constant) and whether variable is formal parameter. if . each of them is either set element or range of elements, defined by macro range( a,b). . Your are free to use this converter, modify the sources and do with this .

pH Buffers in the Blood
The most important way that the pH of the blood is kept relatively constant is by . When an acid is placed in water, free protons are generated according to the . pH is within approximately 1 pH unit from the pK value for the buffering system, i.e., . However, the normal blood pH of 7.4 is outside the optimal buffering range; .

Quantum Mechanics: Psi: Physics
To normalize it, we multiply all the values by a constant, to make the total probability . range, by the magic formula of integrating |Y|2 between the two bounding points. . the range 0<x<L, the particle is free to move with no forces on it whatsoever. . Remember that m and L are fixed parameters of the problem, so the only .

Short-Range Interactions and Size of Ligands Bound
Long-range interaction between all the ligands bound to DNA molecule may . concentration of free (unbound) ligands, c0=coC,, from a low c value to a . revealed that phase transition occurs if effective binding constant, Ke?, increases . DNA are characterized by stoichiometry parameters m and r where m is the num- .

At room temperature, a semiconductor has enough free electrons to allow it to conduct . The lowest energy position for the electron is to be in its bound state. . The electron cannot attain energy values intermediate to these two levels; it is . The most important parameters of a semiconductor material for its operation in .

Member Function Pointers and the Fastest Possible C++ Delegates ...
Apr 5, 2005 . This is fundamentally different from a type parameter, and is also different from . It is instantiated based on name rather than type or value. . for each combination of arguments, for both types of const-ness, and for each class. . Fastdelegate s can be bound to a member function or a static (free) function, .

AutoDock Version 4.2
Feb 25, 2010 . The AutoDock 4.2 force field is designed to estimate the free energy of . Because of this, the constant function in AutoGrid is no longer used, . the protein -bound state. . Electrostatic potentials tend to range from around -103 to +103 . parameters, including the starting values for the translation, rotation, .

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Introduction to QSAR Methodology
This value provides an indication of the quality of the guess by showing the . values for this series of compounds will frequently span a limited range as . Since QSAR is based on the relationship of free energy to equilibrium constants, the data for a . Substituent constants and other physico-chemical parameters ( such as .

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Neutrino masses and the dark energy equation of state-relaxing the ...
Oct 12, 2005 . (but constant) parameter, the neutrino mass bound is ? m? ? 1.48 eV (95% C.L. ), compared with. ? m? ? 0.65 eV . atively few free parameters and has allowed for stringent constraints on . sitivity to the absolute value of neutrino masses, and if . laboratory measurements in the 0.1 eV sensitivity range.

FAQ comp.lang.vhdl (part 1): General
Free Model Foundary (FMF):; The Hamburg VHDL . (Note that the requirement that the entity to be bound must have already been analyzed . It is determined by the range direction of the corresponding operator parameter. . Define a constant with an appropriate value.

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fluorescence anisotropy
free and bound S-1. At 4VC, ionic strength 0.16 M, and pH. 7.0, the association constant K. is (1.73 4 0.35) X 106 Mrat infinite dilution. This makes the -AGG of .