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Pulp (paper) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The use of wood to make pulp for paper began with the development of . The pulp is bleached using chlorine dioxide stage followed by neutralization and .

Bleaching of wood pulp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The main use of wood pulp is to make paper where whiteness (similar to but not . The main objection to the use of chlorine for bleaching pulp is the large . Chlorine: Find It
MAKING PAPER You know when you write on paper? They use chlorine to make paper. Scientists use chlorine to make paper white. It bleaches the paper of all .

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NRDC: A Shopper's Guide to Home Tissue Products
Aug 5, 2009 . Paper products are bleached to make them whiter and brighter, but chlorine used in many bleaching processes contributes to the formation of .

Treecycle Recycled Paper: About Recycling and Recycled Paper
The problem with chlorine is the pollution from its use initially to make the paper and not the paper once it is made. The PCF method melds the ability to use our .

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Chlorine Free Processing - Conservatree
A: "Chlorine free" is a description of the process used to make the paper. Therefore, the pulp supplier definitely must use completely chlorine free bleaching .

Chlorine (Cl) - Chemical properties, Health and Environmental effects
Chlorides make up much of the salt dissolved in the earth's oceans: about 1.9 % of the mass of seawater is . Paper companies use chlorine to bleach paper.

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How toilet paper is made - manufacture, making, history, used ...
This softens the paper but makes it fairly weak, allowing it to disintegrate in water. . Virgin-paper manufacturers, however, often use chlorine-based bleaches .

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FACTS ABOUT PAPER AND PAPER WASTE (Please do not print ...
please print on 100% post consumer waste, processed chlorine free paper. FACTS ABOUT PAPER . Recovered paper is used to make a variety of products .

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The Environmental impact of Paper - The Secret Life Series - Learn ...
How do you know if paper comes from forests that are sustainably managed? . What is harmful about the chlorine compounds used in bleaching pulp for .

Chlorine: A Toxic Solution for the Production of White Paper
Mar 6, 2008 . There are more efficient and cleaner ways to make bleached paper. . Recycled papers can be recycled without using chlorine but typically the .

Recycled paper facts and environmental paper FAQs
In order to make paper “brighter,” wood . the use of chlorine.

Papermaking Facts
May 8, 2011 . Paper mills receive that pulp and make paper out of it. They do not bleach paper on the scale used in bleach plants, although they may add a .

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FAQs on paper
But to some paper company . In other words, no pure chlorine gas has been used, but other . who are trying to make the right choice .

Chlorine, pollution and the environment - WEN Trust
printed on 100% recycled, unbleached paper. © WEN Trust . is a minor use. The use of chlorine to make chemicals increased enormously from around 1940.

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Choosing Environmentally Responsible Paper
When purchasing paper products, request chlorine-free brands (specifically PCF or TCF). Think about the paper items you use that do not really need to be .

Drinking Water Chlorination
Drinking Water Chlorination • World Chlorine Council position paper 2008 . from various processes to make drinking water using sodium hypochlorite.

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Speaking About the Dangers of Chlorine
Chlorine is first used to break down the lignan that holds the wood fibers together . Then chlorine is used to bleach the paper to make it white. The effluent or .

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Toilet Paper Environmental Information | Toilet Paper Encyclopedia
Recycling paper is not only collecting wastepaper, but also using paper with . How can “chlorine-free” toilet paper make a difference in our environment?

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ecoDesign ecoPrint - A company focused on providing ...
These types of paper do not have the clay coating so ink is absorbed into the stock more than with . Traditionally chlorine gas has been used to bleach paper.

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Sanitizing with Bleach
Place the roll back in the dispenser so that you can tear off strips of the paper for . Make sure that your bleach solutions is between 100 and 200 PPM using the .

Recycled, processed chlorine free papers. FSC Certified. Ancient ...
It is usually deinked and then processed to make new paper. . processes; New Leaf Paper (a primary supplier to Greenerprinter) uses a chlorine-free process.

Eco-rate - Buying Guide - Paper Products
. 100% recycled content, at least 80% of which is post-consumer recycled material, and do not use toxic chlorine compounds to make the toilet paper white: .

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I am doing a project on recycled paper - Idaho Forest Products ...
2a) Chlorine is not always used in making paper from virgin material. Some paper makers use chlorine to "bleach" or make pulp stock "white". Virgin stock ( again .

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Why We Use Unbleached Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Paper | If You ...
For years, most paper was subjected to a bleaching process to make it white, using elemental chlorine (Cl), usually in the form of chlorine gas, with horrible .

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12 Smart Ways to Use Bleach | Reader's Digest
Make a solution of 1/4 cup chlorine bleach in 2 cups water and apply with a brush to . Then fill a clean, empty spray bottle and use it on a paper towel to clean .

Specific products identified in this document do not imply endorsement by . buying recycled content paper in addition to avoiding the use of chlorine or chlorine .

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Putting the Breast Cancer/Chlorine Connection on Paper
Would you believe it's connected to the kind of paper you use? It starts with a . Paper mills bleach their product with chlorine to make it white. Approximately .

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Brief History of Paper - Conservatree
(Clearly, this was tree-free and chlorine-free paper as well!) . of papermaking fiber resulted in four processes that could be used to make wood pulp into paper.

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Dangerous Chlorine Residue | Vital Earth Minerals
The paper industry is one of the primary users of chlorine. The various production and bleaching processes, used to make paper, create toxic carcinogenic .

Paper Resources
Process chlorine free (or Secondary chlorine free), No chlorine or chlorine derivatives were used to make the paper.

Sappi Fine Paper - Sappi Life Cycle: Renewable Energy, Natural ...
To make kraft pulp, the first step in the process is to remove all of the bark from . Historically, the paper industry used elemental chlorine bleaching processes .


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News - Us
Dec 19, 2011 . However, paper can be made through sustainable practices that do little harm. . Chlorine use per pound of paper production is going down.

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Pulp and Paper Mills
cycled paper. Mechanical pulp can be used without bleach- ing to make printing papers for applications in which low brightness is acceptable—primarily, .$file/pulp_ppah.pdf


Salt in chlorine chemistry / Salt in industry / Uses & benefits / Home ...
Salt is the feedstock of the chlor-alkali industry which produces chlorine, caustic . Caustic soda is used in pulp processing, and to make cellulose chemicals and . Extensively in the manufacture of pulp and paper, dyes and ceramic glazes .

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Dechlorination of water in an environmen friendly way
Factories also contribute in polluting our waters with chlorine. To make paper white, paper manufacturers use chlorine and then dump it in our waters as waste.

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Make a difference with paper and ink - Ministry for the Environment
When recycled paper is remade into a white paper, it must be bleached to remove inks. Traditionally to make the paper white, chlorine gas was used, but this .

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Paper: Bathroom Tissue and Paper Towels
Chlorine and its derivatives such as hypo- chlorite and chlorine dioxide should not be used to make recycled paper. Paper towels are sometimes bleached .

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The chlorine alternatives
When wood is used to make paper, several methods . Chlorine gives the best result: all remaining lignine is .

Issue 1: Chlorine Ban
It is also used in the bleaching of wood pulp to make paper. A group of chemicals called organochlorines-substances that contain chlorine and carbon that is at .

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How Do Environmentalists Do It?
And that means using paper, ink, and energy. (for printing and . CHEJ's mission is to make . pollution. “You can get it totally chlorine free, but they use virgin .

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Pulp Fiction: Chemical Hazard Reduction at Pulp and Paper Mills ...
In the United States, 16 pulp and paper mills still use chlorine and 58 use . Hazard reduction makes chemical and industrial processes inherently safer by .

Bleaching wood pulp with chlorine to make paper white has been another major . because many plants have converted to processes that use less chlorine.

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What The Hell Do I Buy? Bleach - Healthy Bitch Daily
Jan 19, 2012 . Bleach is used to make paper products, including coffee filters, milk cartons, diapers, tampons, paper towels and toilet tissues. All of these .

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Where's Bleach Hiding in Your Home? | Sanctuary
That takes the risk of bleach sneaking into your home down to zero. Clean with rags instead of paper towels. Use cloth napkins instead of paper. Brew coffee .

Pulp and Paper Chemistry
"People use paper all the time, but they don't think about where it comes from and . some of the chemical processes and the chemistry used in paper-making. . In addition, chemists are turning to chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide as .

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Paper and the Environment, Recycled Paper, Paper Bleaching ...
First of all, making paper uses a huge amount of water. This in . And the bleaching process used to brighten paper releases chlorine, a toxin that poisons the .

Chlorine Bleach Effects
A myth exists concerning the use and “effectiveness” of chlorine bleach (sodium . steel), faucets, marble, natural stone, and, of course, carpeting, fabrics and paper. . make sure the product does exactly that and follow the directions for usage.

Banning Chlorine
In general, the major uses of chlorine and chlorine-containing compounds are in . of pharmaceuticals, in making plastics, and in pulp and paper manufacturing.

It's Elemental - The Element Chlorine
Chlorine is commonly used as an antiseptic and is used to make drinking water safe . are used in many industrial processes, such as in the production of paper . ~ Hemp Paper vs Tree Pulp Paper
It can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide, which doesn't poison waterways as chloride and bleach--the chemicals used in making wood pulp paper--do.

Treecycle Recycled Paper: Options Monograph
Bleaching paper with chlorine is harmful to our environment. Period. Several recycled paper mills in this country are using chlorine derivatives which do not .

Chemicals in the Environment: Chlorine
The largest users of chlorine are companies that make ethylene dichloride and other chlorinated solvents, . Paper companies use chlorine to bleach paper.

Paper and the Environment
Elemental chlorine— the same bleach we use to make our clothing white. Chlorine free— paper made without the use of elemental chlorine bleach. Chlorine .

In order to make paper “brighter,” wood fibers are often bleached with chlorine or . to find a suitable paper that eliminates or minimizes the use of chlorine.

Body Burden Case Study: Dioxin
A: Dioxin is a family of chemicals containing carbon, hydrogen and chlorine. . and pulp mills that use chlorine to bleach wood pulp to make paper white.

Bleach -
Bleach is a chemical compound derived from natural sources used to whiten fabrics. . of bleach are used to whiten materials such as paper and wood, though most . To make the bleaching powder, slaked lime (lime treated with water) was .

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Recycled Paper
However, recycling does make the best use of the yield of the tree by extending the . The paper industry now uses virtually no pure chlorine gas, the bleaching .

Facts About Paper - Printers' National Environmental Assistance ...
The use of chlorine bleaching to produce both virgin and recycled paper is . Alternatives do exist to elemental chlorine bleaching and have already been .

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Chlorine, Chemical Element - Overview, Discovery and naming ...
Large paper and pulp mills use chlorine to bleach their products. . Halogens are the elements that make up Group 17 (VIIA) of the periodic table, a chart that .

Facts About Chlorine
important use is as a bleach in the manufacture of paper and cloth, but it is also used to make pesticides (insect killers), rubber, and solvents. • Chlorine is used .

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You Can Go Green: What is Recycled Paper and Why Is Chlorine ...
Jul 25, 2009 . The triple benefits of using 30% post-consumer content, chlorine-free paper make it the best choice overall. Think With Ink The average North .